Acouspade-XLS – Directional Speaker

The Acouspade-XLS is the biggest and loudest directional speaker in the Acouspade series. It creates extremely directional sound which can be heard clearly even at larger distances and in environments with high ambient noise.

The Acosuapde-XLS is the only hyper-directional speaker on the market with a stereo sound-field distribution. The emitter panel is split in a Left and Right section, which emit the Left and Right audio channel respectively. It allows for an accurate stereo signal representation and creates an authentic reproduction of binaural recordings, without the use of headphones.

The Acouspade-XLS has an external amplifier which is beneficial in situations where long cable lengths are required. Like in other Acouspade models where the amplifier is integrated within the speaker, the XLS amplifier uses Clas-D or switching technology which does not generate any excess heat and thus does not require a heat-sink.


  • external amplifier
  • stereo sound-field reproduction
  • high SPL


  • Retail
  • Digital signage
  • Museum and gallery installations
  • Fairs and trade shows
  • Digital kiosks
  • Libraries
  • Automotive applications
  • Slot machines
  • Bars, restaurants
  • Hearing aid

Acouspade directional speakers in a retail environment

The Acouspade directional speaker offers highly directional distribution of sound, which is reproduced clearly – without distortion – even at high volumes. The sound is of high-quality, with low noise and great frequency response, which includes authentic reproduction of bass notes and frequencies as low as 150 Hz. The speaker itself is easy to use – you only need to connect the audio output of your source device (such as portable music player, laptop, DVD-player etc.) with the speaker and you are ready to go.


Acouspade is available in three different colours: black and white

Acouspade-XLS – mounting options



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TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Find out more about electrical, acoustical features and dimensions of the Acouspade directional sound system, as well general information on directional sound operating principles.


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