Directional Speaker

The Acouspade™ is a hyper-directional speaker, emitting a highly focused beam of sound. It is able to place a particular sound at a desired spatial location, while preserving silence where the sound is not needed. The lazer-like directionality of sound is achieved by exploiting the parametric array effect. The Acouspade speaker creates an audio spotlight phenomenon, which can turn selected objects into virtual sound sources, reflecting the primary beam of sound.


Touch the sound

Syntact™ is a new musical interface based on the revolutionary technology of contact-free tactile feedback. A curved array ultrasonic transducers is focusing acoustic energy into one spatial point, creating a tangible vibration in midair. Syntact™ enables musicians to virtually mold and shape the sound with their hands. The technology behind Syntact can further be used for creating futuristic Human-Computer interfaces, which can add a tactile experience to holograms.

Acouspade™ Classic
speaker with focus

Ultrasonic audio technologies was established in 2011, when it launched it first directional speaker product, which used an external modulator and amplifier called UMA 3.0. The new Acouspade Classic – relaunched in 2017 revives the circular shape of the classic design, however it is now an active speaker with the amplifier integrated within the emitter housing. Acouspade Classic has been shipped to customers worldwide and is mostly used in museums, galleries retail stores as well as in digital signage applications.