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Acouspade directional sound system



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How to order:

Please send an email to containing your billing and shipping information (including contact phone number) and we will send you a pro-forma invoice with payment instructions.

In case you are a company registered in EU and you have a VAT number, please include your VAT number as well. For EU customers without VAT number we need to add 22% VAT on the final amount.


Payment options and conditions:

We require full payment in advance (before shipping), via wire transfer or Paypal. Paying through paypal will be between 5% and 6% more expensive, since we need to include the Paypal provisions. Wire transfer expenses (concerning payments from outside EU) can vary and need to be covered by the buyer.


We accept Bitcoin!

For payments with Bitcoin we charge 1% provision on the final amount. The exact amount in Bitcoin is calculated based on the product value in EUR, at the time when the order is placed. The payment request remains valid for 12 hours.